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The History of Ferghana Polytechnic Institute

The great development of economic activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan and particularly in Fergana valley increasing the number of the industrial enterprises and production powers at the beginning of the 1960th increased the requires in national engineering staffs.

According to the order 251 of Ministry of Higher and Secondary specializedized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan 14.06.1967, Fergana Polytechnic Institute was organized on the basis of Tashkent Polytechnic Institute.

The new Institute had only 70 employees and teachers, 3 of them Candidates of Science, Docents. Fergana Oil Refining factory, "Azot" plant and Building trust handed out new buildings for Institute.
For the short time the handed rooms were adapted for educational process. The city enterprises contribute a great help to the Institute staff. In 1967 the set of the students was adopted in directions: "Construction", "Mechanics" and "Energetic".
The experts of the Republic were invited for a work in the New Institute. Year by year a set of students was increased for studies, new specialties, departments and faculties were opened. In a time a place for construction of new buildings was handed.

Today Institute is located in picturesque Kirguli micro area of Fergana, an original architectural complex.

During the years of Independence student campus had turned to one of the largest Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic, being the only Higher Technical Educational Institution in Fergana valley.
The Institute is equipped with the modern material base, which is the large center of educational-methodical, research, and spiritual - moral work among students.
For period of existence Fergana Polytechnic Institute prepared more then 30 thousand well-ualified experts. The graduates of Institute work in all spheres of national economy of the country. They are Oliy Majlis deputies of the Republic of Uzbekistan: A. Otaboev - Hokim of Fergana region. A. Muminov - Hokim of Fergana city, B. Homidov - Hokim of Navoi city, A. Sobirov - Hokim of Andijan city, N. Omonov - Hokim of Alti-arik district, H. Komilov - Hokim of Yazyavan district, A. Abdullaev - director of "Azot" industrial association, and many others. The Institute is proud of its graduates living and continuing the labor activity in more than 30 countries of the world.

Institute supports constant research-and-production communications with more than 60 industrial enterprises, 20 Research Institutes and 80 Higher Educational Establishments in the state and outside it.